CCM Energy

Investment Criteria

CCM Energy invests in innovative companies and projects that offer a differentiated and proven solution to green the built environment in areas such as:

  • Distributed generation: Utilizing building infrastructure to generate power and/or other commodities that can drive topline revenue and reduce costs for building owners.
  • Energy/resource efficiency: Products and services that lower the operating costs of buildings by reducing their consumption of commodities such as power, gas and water.
  • Green construction: Resource-efficient materials, processes and business models to reduce the time and expenses associated with the construction of high-performance buildings.

Our goal is to partner with outstanding management teams to accelerate the adoption of clean energy and resource efficiency solutions by building owners and tenants to improve the environmental performance of buildings. We look for well-managed companies that have a proven solution ready to be scaled. Our focus is on later-stage investments in companies with a demonstrated track record and satisfied customers, and we also invest in projects with annual cash flow and a compelling risk-reward profile.

Core Investment Criteria

While we will consider any opportunity, we target companies and projects that meet the core criteria below:

Target Investment Size

$3.0-$6.0 million


Typically preferred equity or debt. Across our portfolio, we seek a balance between upside from equity and cash flow from debt or quasi-debt structures.

Investment Stage

For companies, at least $5 million in annual revenue and either EBITDA positive at the time of submission or a realistic path to EBITDA positive within 12 months. For projects, projects developed using proven technology by a developer with a track record. Of particular interest are opportunities to invest in a series of projects in conjunction with a stake in the development company.


We generally take significant minority positions with customary investor protections and a seat on the board.GeographyUnited States

Risk Factors

We do not take technology risk and will not invest in something being done for the first time. We will take limited or bounded regulatory risk on a case-by-case basis.

Strategic Fit

We particularly like companies with a solution directly relevant to the buildings in the CCM Real Estate portfolio, and where there are clear paths for the real estate knowledge and relationships of our colleagues to significantly accelerate adoption to achieve scale.